The Troll King

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High school is hard. Hormones run high, bullies are cruel, and pressure from adults can take its toll. For many, the internet is a safe haven—but it can also be something more sinister. When a young gamer's love goes unrequited, he becomes radicalized by a denizen of the dark web, turning him toward patriarchy. His act of revenge rocks the student body as fantasy and reality collide and a new hero rises up to stop him. An epic play about youth, love, and obsession in the internet age.

120 minutes
6M 3W


Development History

Columbia MFA Second Year Festival
Schapiro Theatre
February 2016
Directed by Ilana Becker

Kalen Boyd
Abby Eletz
Shelley Fort*
Alisha Giampola*
Betsy Hogg*
Nathaniel Jackson
Aaron Lynn*
Jason Michael Miller
Liz Morgan*
Chris Norwood*
Erik Olson

Bonfire Reading Series
Pipeline Theatre Company
June 2017
Directed by Emily Moler

Seth Clayton*
Cassie Gilling
Teresa Langford
Jonathan Lee-Pay
Zach Libresco*
Sam Ogilvie
McLean Peterson
Dan Tracy

*appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.

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Images courtesy of Kelly Stuart