Black Hollow


It was just another morning in Black Hollow—until it wasn’t. A school shooting by one of their own upends the lives of an idyllic American town, trapping them in a world of memory between a tragic past, a painful present, and an uncertain future. Haunted by the spirit of the perpetrator, the people of Black Hollow piece together the events leading up to the event, reckon with their loss, and fight to live on. A play about grief, community, and resilience.

90 minutes
5M 4W


Development History

Columbia MFA Thesis Production
Ford Studio Theatre at Pershing Square Signature Center
May 3-6, 2017 
Directed by Lauren Z. Adleman

Shelley Fort 
Aaron Lynn
Sharina Martin
Daniel J. O'Brien 
Will Sarratt
Ric Sechrest
Pilar Witherspoon 
David Woodrow 
Elizabeth Wray

Argo Collective
Alchemical Studios
September 1-3, 2018
Directed by Nigel Semaji Barnes

Michelle Bouchard 
Adam Brooks 
Yun Chin Chang 
Jonathan Cruz
Caroline Hertz
Malcolm Opoku
Veronica Thompson
Braeden Glenn Tuttle 
Matt Zimmerman

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Black Hollow 2018 Alchemical 30.jpg
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Black Hollow 2018 Alchemical 1.jpg

Images courtesy of Veronica Avanic and Nigel Semaj Barnes